The Acrobat™

Why the Acrobat?

Why The Acrobat?

In today’s marketplace, there are many platforms available to support sensors in fresh and saltwater environments.  Consider the following  Acrobat tow body system advantages in making a decision:

“In the mean time I wanted to let you know that the Acrobat system performed extremely well and we ended up mainly using that as our data gathering tool throughout the cruise…
…Pretty amazing! Thank you for building such a high-quality system – I am very impressed.”
-Dr. Peter W., Associate Professor of Marine Science, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks

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  • Data in real time using Ethernet connectivity
  • Power, of unlimited duration with 200 watts available for Acrobat and payload
  • Payload, almost any sensor suit and without design change requirements
  • Survey Speed, from 2 to 12 kts
  • Lightweight, 14 Kg (30 lbs) tare in air without payload
  • Size, basic dimension of 1.36 x 0.4 x0.8 meters (4.5×1.3×2.6 ft) without add-on expansion modules
  • Portable, capable of being easily shipped worldwide, setup on any boat and used in any environment
  • Software, written in Java for operating system independence including Linux
  • Underwater Path Control, remote manual or automatic via computer
  • In-the-field Support, most user problems can be resolved via 24/7 cell phone or e-mail communications
  • Warranty, Our products carry a 2-year warranty

The flexibility of the Acrobat system to carry and provide real-time data from a wide variety of off-the-shelf instrumentation is without equal in today’s marketplace.

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