The Acrobat™

Tow Cable

Cable deployment using rope clutch system during training

Cable deployment using rope clutch system during training.

The length of tow cable needed is generally a ratio of cable length to tow depth. With the Acrobat systems, this is usually between 2:1 up to 6:1.

The decision over what to use is generally based on desired tow speed, desired depth of dive, sea-state, weight and size of Acrobat system.

For instance, for speeds up to 6 kts and a depth of 0 to 40 meters, we might suggest 150 meters of cable as a start. Usually a discussion with the end user concerning the field program results in a good estimate of the cable length needed.

The cable construction is designed with a copper conductor bundle center section, covered by a Vectran weave which in turn is covered by a poly weave having a one-sided fairing to reduce strumming while towing. This combination is almost weightless in sea water allowing the Acrobat to return to/or very near the surface.

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