The Acrobat™

Acrobat Specs

Prototype Acrobat being readied for training deployment

Prototype Acrobat being readied for training deployment.



  • Size/Weight: LTV-50X body
  • Length (Excluding tow bar): 0.80m
  • Maximum Height (tail): 0.40m
  • Maximum Width (with long wings): 1.36m
  • Weight with small wings (excluding instrumentation): In Air = 15kg , In Water = 9kg

Operating Profile

  • Control: Manual and/or computer control with real-time communications
  • Depth Range: 100m or less and is function of tow speed, cable, weight, and wing size
  • Control Modes: Constant depth, height above bottom, constant undulation, varying undulation, and maximum number of undulations
  • Towing Speed: 2 to 12 knots typical
  • Dive / Climb Speed: Independently adjustable

Engineering Details

  • Flight control: Hand Control Module for limited manual operation plus user owned PC and LTV software or (OPTION) Control Command Module with active screen system in a protective case and the LTV software installed
  • Data used for control: Wing angle, vehicle depth, GPS, and echo sounder depth Power: LTV power module 120/220 AC in, 30VDC out, max.1A
  • Materials: Welded stainless steel frame, towing yoke; composite wings, PVC tail

Support Systems

  • Winch with slip ring assembly: For ease of cable deployment/recovery. Not required for short cable lengths and safety clutch system
  • Cable: Faired, 9 mm diameter Vectran with 9 conductors. Standard suggested minimum length is 150 m for operations to 50 m
  • Safety Tow System: Reduces sudden increase in towing loads and provides a means of safely anchoring the towing line to the boat while towing
  • Computer: Suggested minimum configuration is a PC Notebook with Pentium or better processor, active matrix display, 2 standard serial and/or USB ports, 800M hard drive, and a CD-ROM drive
  • Navigation: GPS / Depth sounder combination. Multiplexed NMEA 0183 data is used by the Acrobat Control PC for horizontal tow body position and altitude off the bottom display
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