Portable, field-usable instrumentation for coastal and freshwater research.

At Sea Sciences, our mission is to design and build cutting edge, field-usable tools that enable our customers to perform ecosystem monitoring and breakthrough research supporting better management of environmental issues in ocean and fresh waters.

Our Acrobat™ system provides:

  • Open structural design to accommodate any payload
  • Modular expansion for larger/smaller sensor payloads
  • System Power provided for payload and Acrobat™
  • Ethernet communications for real-time data transfer
  • Work from any small or large vessel in environments ranging from lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal, shelf and open ocean
  • System Portability between deployment platforms

Recent News:

  • January 2015 – Sea Sciences ships Acrobat tow body modified to support Kongsberg tranducers.
  • March 1, 2015 – Launch of new company website.
  • Ongoing 2015Acrobat motor upgrades for fine motion wing control.
  • News Flash 2015 – Sea Sciences is working with Scripps on an advanced camera payload system for the Acrobat.

“I want to chime in here and say how great a performer the Acrobat has been for us the last several years. During the past 4 years, we have flown it on multiple cruises and the data collected have been nothing shy of spectacular.”
-Steven D., PhD., Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University

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